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6 weeks or so ago while looking through Craigslist, which we do on a regular basis, we came across a listing for 2 reproduction Stingrays that looked pretty bad. We contacted the owner and negotiated a price and bought both bikes for $30.



We quickly learned that the reproduction bikes are not the same quality as the originals. So the plan was to part out both bikes and see if we could make some money.

We started with the blue bike. Nathan stripped the bike down to the frame and cleaned up the cranks. We posted it on eBay and ended up selling the frame and some extra parts for $30. After some extra shipping costs we came out $20 ahead. After discussing whether we should take the same path with the green bike, we decided to try something different.

If we can find the parts online we need, why not restore it ourselves? It would be more work but that is our favorite part. The first step is to see what will clean up and we started with the front fork because that is the coolest part of the bike.


The front fork comes a part making it pretty easy to work with. After polishing and cleaning it actually cleaned up better than we thought.


Our plan is to clean the bike up and get it running. We will continue to look for extra parts and see what happens.


The rims seemed to be in pretty bad shape so I did some research online to find the most effective way to clean them. I was surprised to find the solution most used was Coke and aluminum foil. I figured I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try.


The process was simple – pour some of the soda on the rims and then use the foil just like sandpaper. Some of the tougher areas I had to go over twice but the results were amazing.

I started with the front wheel.


Quite a difference when compared the rear wheel which I still have to work on.


Even though it was tedious work I was very pleased with how it turned out.


Dismantling the Sting-ray

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Other Projects
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We didn’t waste any time jumping into this project. The first step was to dismantle the whole bike. Even though the bike is not complicated we decided to bag and tag the parts as we went.


We put each section of parts into separate bags after taking labeled pictures.

I am not sure this is best method but hopefully we won’t lose track of any parts. At the end of the day the Sting-ray was reduced to a pile of parts.

We still have to get the chain off and dismantle the peddle crank.