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After I got all of the wooden structure of the chair repaired, I turned my attention to the fabric that covered the chair. The chair fabric was made to look like leather and I found something very similar at Hobby Lobby.

I saved the backing and foam and reused it with the new fabric. Keeping the fabric pulled tight I worked my way around the chair using a hand stapler.

Using a sharp knife I trimmed the extra fabric. The final step was to staple and glue in the welt cord. I tried to use hot glue at first but it didn’t hold with this type of fabric.

I ended up using a leather glue that once it dried seemed to hold the best. This required me to clamp the cord down until it dried which slowed the process.

Once I finished with the chair back, I finished the seat cushion which only required stapling.

Here is the finished product.

Rescuing an old dresser

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Other Projects

My daughters needed a new dresser to hold all their clothes so we looked around on Craigslist until we found this older dresser that needed to be rescued. We paid $48 for the dresser and loaded it in the van.


The plan is to sand it down and paint the whole thing white to match the other furniture in the room. Of course there are some repairs needed first.



So we got started with taking it all apart which will make it easier to sand and paint.