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Making a cajon (part 2)

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Other Projects
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All of the parts were cut and using the strap clamp we dry fitted all of the pieces together to make sure the snare mechanism worked.

Today we glued and clamped the sides, bottom and top with the snare mechanism in place since it would be more difficult to do after it is all glued.


The felt bar at the top provides a place for the snare wires to rest when it is turned off.

When the arm on the side is slid up, it rotates the snare wire so it is resting on the face of the cajon. This can be adjusted for the desired sound.


The next stage will be a lot of sanding to round the top. Adding the front and back after cutting the sound hole in the back side. The final stage will be to stain and finish it.


Making a cajon

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Other Projects
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We have seen a cajon played several times at church but after seeing a homemade one up close we decided to take a shot at making our own.

First, we did a lot of research online of different plans and features. There are many videos and blogs with step by step instructions. We also stopped at Guitar Center and looked over the ones they sell.

After landing on what we felt was the best design for us, we bought materials and jumped in with both feet.


One tool we bought was a strap clamp and it has proved to be valuable.


The design isn’t super complicated but there are more parts to it than first appears.


One feature we wanted was an adjustable snare. This is accomplished with a lever system that sticks out from the side of the box. We are working to get all of the pieces made and dry fit them together before we start the construction.

After that we will move to finishing it.