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The Chrysler Dagger 14 sailboat I recently bought as a project was missing the centerboard. I contacted a guy online through a Chrysler sailboat forum and he sent me pictures and a drawing of his centerboard.

A friend had recently given us some scraps of mahogany so we glued some pieces to make the board and then began hand shaping it.

Once we got the basic shape down based on tracing the hole for the centerboard.

I just keep fitting it in the hole and marking with a pencil where it is rubbing and then shave with the hand plane and repeat the process.



Cleaning the Hull Chrysler c14

Posted: March 13, 2016 in Boat restoration
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We recently purchased a 1976 Chrysler Dagger C14 sailboat that we hope to get on the water this summer.

After bringing the boat home we set it up face down on sawhorses in the garage so we could focus on the hull. Since we bought the boat so cheap we didn’t inspect the hull when we purchased it, so we had no idea of its condition.

We were glad to find out there were no bad spots or holes. There were a couple of dime size blisters but nothing we felt needed to be repaired at this point.

Using 2000 grit sandpaper we wet sanded the hull and then wiped it clean. After using the sandpaper, we went over the entire hull with rubbing compound and a high speed buffer.

We could quickly see the original blue color coming back.

While I would love to have a bigger boat after this process I was glad this boat is only 14 feet long.


Next up…flip it over and see what we need to fix next.

I have always had a interest in sailing. Back in college I got a chance to crew on a small sailboat during a local club race. I fell in love and it has never left me.

After turning 49, I decided to not wait any longer and start making a long time dream come true. The first step would be to buy a small boat and learn the basics. Being short on cash made me decide between putting the dream to rest now or go after it on minimal cash investment.

I found a 1976 Chrysler Dagger on Craigslist for $100. I didn’t think I could get much cheaper than that even though the rudder, daggerboard and sails were missing.  We drove 3 hours to Charleston, SC to pick up the boat.

Let the fun begin!