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After I got all of the wooden structure of the chair repaired, I turned my attention to the fabric that covered the chair. The chair fabric was made to look like leather and I found something very similar at Hobby Lobby.

I saved the backing and foam and reused it with the new fabric. Keeping the fabric pulled tight I worked my way around the chair using a hand stapler.

Using a sharp knife I trimmed the extra fabric. The final step was to staple and glue in the welt cord. I tried to use hot glue at first but it didn’t hold with this type of fabric.

I ended up using a leather glue that once it dried seemed to hold the best. This required me to clamp the cord down until it dried which slowed the process.

Once I finished with the chair back, I finished the seat cushion which only required stapling.

Here is the finished product.

Chair Restoration – Part 2

Posted: October 21, 2017 in Restoration

I started this project knowing it wasn’t going to be too complicated but would require some creativity.

The chair had some cracked places where some of the wood had split and fallen off. Over time, some of the screws had worked their way loose and the holes had become stripped making the whole chair unstable.

I cleaned out these split areas and squared them off the best I could so I could glue in some new pieces. I also scraped all of the joints clean to get rid of the old glue so the joints would have more surface area to make good connections.

One of the arms had split at the joint so this needed to be repaired. I used pine because it is easy to shape and would take stain to get the color close.

After the glue dried I was able to shape it to the chair and carve out the hole and keep it tight.

This joint had been filled with wood putty that was crumbling so I chipped it all out, squared off the end and added a new piece. This made the whole process longer because I had to wait for the glue to dry.

For the stripped screw holes I drilled them out and glued in wooden pegs and then cut them off flush.

After all of the repairs were finished, I screwed the whole chair back together and glued each joint. I put clamps on the whole thing and let it dry.

The next post will be replacing the fabric. 

Chair Restoration

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Restoration

I recently took a little time off from work to recharge a bit. Recharging for me looks like no agendas and no pressure projects that allow me to use my mind and hands toward a finished project.

A friend of mine had an office type chair they were fond of but it was looking a little ragged. 

I took it on as one of my projects for a couple of reasons. First, I have never refinished a chair so this would be a new experience. Second, since this chair isn’t an antique or anything like that, there was no pressure to get it right. Perfect!

This chair needed more than new fabric, it had some stability issues that would also need to be addressed.

The first step would be to dismantle the whole chair and build it back making any necessary repairs. I removed the base and collected all of the bolts and screws in a little container so I wouldn’t lose track of them.

I removed the seat cushion and the fabric from the back.

There were some previous repairs done to this chair that I would have to modify in order to give it more strength.

More to come on this project.