Chair Restoration part 3

After I got all of the wooden structure of the chair repaired, I turned my attention to the fabric that covered the chair. The chair fabric was made to look like leather and I found something very similar at Hobby Lobby. I saved the backing and foam and reused it with the new fabric. KeepingContinue reading “Chair Restoration part 3”

Chair Restoration – Part 2

I started this project knowing it wasn’t going to be too complicated but would require some creativity. The chair had some cracked places where some of the wood had split and fallen off. Over time, some of the screws had worked their way loose and the holes had become stripped making the whole chair unstable.Continue reading “Chair Restoration – Part 2”

Installing a tabernacle to the mast of the DaySailer

It has been awhile since I have posted about the 1982 O’day DaySailer I bought last year. You can read about in a previous post called New boat, New Project. I did the shake down sail earlier this year to determine what really needs to be done to the boat. This particular model of sailboatsContinue reading “Installing a tabernacle to the mast of the DaySailer”

Reviving a Wooden Tool Box – Step 1

I brought home an old wooden tool box that belonged to my grandpa. More about that in this previous post. Special Vintage Tool Box First, I removed all of the old tools and screws and then swept the whole thing out. The first thing I knew that needed to be repaired was the arm that holdsContinue reading “Reviving a Wooden Tool Box – Step 1”