DIY Bee Hive part 3

In two previous posts called Building Bee Hives and DIY Beehive – Finger Joints I explained how this project got started and how I set up a jig to create consistent finger joints. Once I had this jig set up, building the deep and medium supers were pretty simple and straight forward. The final parts of the project wereContinue reading “DIY Bee Hive part 3”

DIY Beehive – Finger joints

In the previous post Building Beehives, I shared how having my own bees is something I have also been interested in. In this post I will show how I made finger joints using a stacked dado head cutter on my table saw. While this method isn’t original to me, it was the simplest method IContinue reading “DIY Beehive – Finger joints”

Second Schwinn Project Update

All of the parts for Schwinn Stingrays are pretty available online but they are not cheap. It is not so much that the parts are expensive but you can quickly get more invested in these bikes than they are worth, especially the reproduction bikes. We decided to change our plans and put the green bikeContinue reading “Second Schwinn Project Update”

A Second Schwinn Project

6 weeks or so ago while looking through Craigslist, which we do on a regular basis, we came across a listing for 2 reproduction Stingrays that looked pretty bad. We contacted the owner and negotiated a price and bought both bikes for $30. We quickly learned that the reproduction bikes are not the same qualityContinue reading “A Second Schwinn Project”

Finishing Up the Schwinn Stingray

This project has not been complex by any stretch but it has been fun bringing this old bike back to life. The only thing I had to replace on the bike was the rear tire. I decided to buy an after market tire instead of an original Schwinn mainly because of the price. I wasContinue reading “Finishing Up the Schwinn Stingray”

Dismantling the Sting-ray

We didn’t waste any time jumping into this project. The first step was to dismantle the whole bike. Even though the bike is not complicated we decided to bag and tag the parts as we went. We put each section of parts into separate bags after taking labeled pictures. I am not sure this isContinue reading “Dismantling the Sting-ray”

A Different Kind of Project

I like to surf the internet and look at things like old cars and motorcycles just for fun. Often my kids will look over my shoulder and ask, “Are you going to buy that car?!” My response is always, “No. I am just looking.” I think my attraction to this seemingly mindless activity is whatContinue reading “A Different Kind of Project”