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New Workbench: Phase 2

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Home

After a conversation with a friend I realized I never posted the second phase of our workbench project from over a year ago. *sigh*

Here is the final workbench as it stands now.


Now let’s look closer at each piece. The table saw station is on a hinged roll out cabinet.


At the other end of the bench is a flip up table top that provides more work space. This is ideal when using a scroll saw or for gluing and clamping work pieces.


When the pieces are folded and rolled back in place, it allows us to still get two cars in the garage. But when it is time to work we can transform the workbench into great space to create.


Dresser Rescue Complete

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Home

The project is finally finished. It took three coats of paint to cover it completely.

The dresser isn’t perfect. The drawers don’t slide as smooth as I would like and the bottom drawer still has some minor issues but it looks descent and for $48 it will function just fine for the girls.

Plus the life of the dresser has been extended instead of rotting in the landfill.



Making a Difference with What We Make

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Home

After receiving a lathe for Christmas from his grandpa, Nathan turned his first pen when he was 9.  The First Pen. He loved creating something that people could use and made several more pens and sold them to friends and family members. Several months later he was paid $70 by a friend to turn 5 pens out of olive wood from Israel. This gave birth to The Pen Project.

The Pen Project started out as an idea. Could God use our projects and what we make to make a difference in the lives of other people?

This blog is a collection of projects we have done for ourselves and some are for other people, but they have all been for fun and learning. We hope you enjoy them and learn something too.