Installing a tabernacle to the mast of the DaySailer

It has been awhile since I have posted about the 1982 O’day DaySailer I bought last year. You can read about in a previous post called New boat, New Project. I did the shake down sail earlier this year to determine what really needs to be done to the boat. This particular model of sailboatsContinue reading “Installing a tabernacle to the mast of the DaySailer”

Crafting a new centerboard – Chrysler c14

The Chrysler Dagger 14 sailboat I recently bought as a project was missing the centerboard. I contacted a guy online through a Chrysler sailboat forum and he sent me pictures and a drawing of his centerboard.    A friend had recently given us some scraps of mahogany so we glued some pieces to make theContinue reading “Crafting a new centerboard – Chrysler c14”