DIY Beehive – Finger joints

In the previous post Building Beehives, I shared how having my own bees is something I have also been interested in.

In this post I will show how I made finger joints using a stacked dado head cutter on my table saw. While this method isn’t original to me, it was the simplest method I could find.

The wood I am working with is 3/4 inch thick so each of my fingers in the joints will be 3/4 inch. So I made a jig that would help me keep each finger of the joint consistent.


You will see in the picture above I have a piece of stock 3/4 inch thick glued into the jig. The jig is slid over and clamped to create a gap between the blade and the piece of stock that is 3/4 inch wide.

You stand the board on its end and clamp it to the jig.

I have already cut this piece but to show how the jig works, you run the board through the saw and then move it over.

You keep moving the board over until all of the fingers are cut.

I put together the first deep brood box with some minor adjustments. I learned that if the jig moves even a little, it will throw off how the fingers line up. But a little chisel work makes it fit nice and tight.

I glued and clamped the box and added the handles on the ends that will allow me to lift the box easily from the base.

Up next I will make the base and lid.

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