Display Case – a project revisited

After turning 50, I decided to make a concerted effort to finish some old projects before starting any new ones. I tend to have an idea that gets stuck in my head. I can see it fairly clearly but before I can finish it, I am on to the next idea in my head.

A good starter but not such a good finisher.

So this is a project that I started over 10 years ago. It has even moved states with me many years ago. It never really left my mind so it is time to finish it.

I made this simple frame to start and that is as far as I got. I even used a router to cut a groove in the back. The frame made the move but that router bit was lost a long time ago so I decided to do it all by hand.

I finished all of the sides and sanded it as smooth as necessary since this will be the back.

I cut some very thin plywood and nailed it in place with a nail gun. I didn’t have a piece long enough for the whole length so I did it in two pieces. 

2 or 3 years ago Sherry and I went on a trip to Canada and I grabbed a piece of river birch bark. I had pressed it flat before it dried and had it stored in my closet for safe keeping for this very project. I told you it was still on my mind.

I laid out the contents as they will best fit. The whole idea was based on Psalm 127:4 that says, ” Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.” I have three boys so this is my reminder to invest in them so God can use them even after I am gone.

I still need to stain the whole thing and figure out how to hold all of it in place.

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