Finding the Sail

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Boat restoration
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We have been working on a 1976 Chrysler Dagger 14 sailboat. One of my biggest challenges was going to be finding a sail for the boat. 

A local sail shop (yes a sail shop in the upstate of South Carolina) quoted me $450 to make a new sail. Knowing this was my worst case scenario I began searching online for the right sail.

I finally tracked down a sail at Minney’s Yacht Surplus store in Costa Mesa, CA. They were great to work with and the used sail was only $95.

I decided to convert over to a slug and shackle system which should be easier to use for one person. I took some measurements and bought the 7/16 slug and the 15/16 shackle from Sailrite.

I have 9 grommets and I attached them to my new sail.

Of course I could wait, so even though it was starting to get dark we moved the boat out of the garage and hoisted the main sail!


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