Reviving a Wooden Tool Box – Step 1

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Restoration
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I brought home an old wooden tool box that belonged to my grandpa. More about that in this previous post. Special Vintage Tool Box

First, I removed all of the old tools and screws and then swept the whole thing out. The first thing I knew that needed to be repaired was the arm that holds the lid open. This is a simple little mechanism that is attached to one side of the box with a screw that slides through the slot as the lid is opened. At the end is a notch that allows the lid to be propped open.


This was working just fine but there was a crack at the one end so I decided to glue and clamp it and then reinstall it.


I wiped the inside and the outside with Murphy’s Oil mixed with water and it cleaned up really nicely.



The next step will be to clean out the tray that sits in the top of the box and reinforce it since it looked like it was starting to pull apart.

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