Special Vintage Tool Box

When I was growing up, I remember my grandpa having an old wooden tool box at his house. It was always jam packed with a mixture of old hand tools and some corded power tools. My dad kept the tool box after his dad passed away and I laid claim of it years ago knowing I wanted to pass it on to one of my boys. After visiting with my dad this weekend, I brought the box home ready to bring it back to life.

Vintage Tool Box
Vintage Tool Box

My grandpa built this tool box while he was working at a furniture factory that made desks, tables, file cabinets after WWII. I don’t have an exact date on it but it was probably in the late 1940s.

The dove tailed joints make the box very strong.

Dove tailed joints
Dove tailed joints

Inside, the box has a drawer and some other neat features to keep the tools organized.


The goal on this one is to bring it back into service as a tool box we will continue to use. We will clean it up and repair and reinforce the tray and anything else that needs attention. I hope this tool box has another 70 years of use.

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