A Different Kind of Project

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Other Projects

I like to surf the internet and look at things like old cars and motorcycles just for fun. Often my kids will look over my shoulder and ask, “Are you going to buy that car?!” My response is always, “No. I am just looking.” I think my attraction to this seemingly mindless activity is what I learn. Something will usually catch my eye and I will research it as if I was going to buy it, though it never happens. Well…almost never.

While scanning through a local online auction, I came across an old bike that I just knew I had to rescue. Funny thing is, I have heard people say that before on some of those reality shows where people buy old antiques or American memorabilia but I never understood it until now.

Something about this bike was calling out to me. Maybe it was the lure of finding a treasure that was somehow lost or overlooked. Maybe it was a connection to my childhood that just felt familiar.

I did some research and bought the bike with the intent of parting it out and making a profit (though a small one) from all of the pieces that could be salvaged and had value. But after winning the auction and picking the bike up two days later, I knew I wanted to take a shot at restoring it even though I have never done anything like it before.

1967 Schwinn Sting-ray Slik Chik





  1. tom white says:

    I just looked at your restoration of your slick chick my first one i restored was a 67 slick chick about 3months ago i love it thats what got me hooked. Ive done a hollwood and im doing about five other stingrays including a grey ghost. I cant wait to restore ypur two bikes back to showroom guallty. Thans again for making a old man relive his youth. Tom

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